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Our Shared Philosophy

  1. We believe each child is a capable and competent learner, with unique abilities, interests and identity.
  2. We create and foster a safe, warm and caring environment where each child can feel secure and confident.
  3. We believe in the importance of play in allowing children to develop a sense of the world around, participate in trial and error exploration, develop ideas and experience success.
  4. We provide tailored, creative learning experiences based on approved learning frameworks to enable each child to reach their full potential.
  5. We believe in providing an environment where each child is able to keep alive their inborn sense of wonder by having the companionship of educators who can share in discovering the joy, excitement and mystery of our world.
  6. We recognise the expertise of parents, work in partnership with them and are sensitive to their values and beliefs.
  7. We build strong relationships with and between children, parents, educators and the community and provide a quality service that acknowledges and respects their diverse needs.
  8. We continually improve our service through research, education, responding to feedback and our own reflective practice.
  9. We recruit, train and support staff and early childhood educators that share these values.
  10. We are community based and not for profit. We continually reinvest in our staff, programs and facilities to maintain a high standard of service.